I’ve been a passionate amateur photographer since my early days, always struggling to hold memories, capture the beauty, mood and transience of the moment or just to express my own current feelings. The technical evolution in photography was something I really welcomed, giving me the opportunity to take hundreds of thousands of pictures, manipulate them without having a darkroom and show them to some interested visitor. If you might happen to like the one or other picture, want to use it in some context or just are interested in further information, please feel free to contact me. Any feedback is appreciated, as long as it is constructive.

photographia.calacirya.de is my long time photoblog and the place where I occasionally (as shortness of time does strongly limit my activities) keep uploading pictures made the more „traditional“ (yet digital) way: DSLR equipment, photoshop, candlelight, a glass of wine and inspiring dark music.

Also visit my mobile playground mobileart.calacirya.de – Android photography and mobile editing.